Are you looking for a pattern designer to print on fabric or knitwear? Do you want to realize your own project? Or maybe you are interested in a longer cooperation because you need help designing patterns for your company? If you dream of a personalized pattern on the material to create your own collection, you've come to the right place. I will design and prepare any pattern for printing on fabric that you cannot find on the market.

The first stage of our cooperation will be to specify the project brief, presenting the assumptions based on which the project is to be prepared. After determining the recipient, colors, size of the pattern, its purpose, we will move on to the exchange of inspiration and create a moodboard together. At the next stage, we will make a decision and assess whether our assumptions are compatible, and then I will prepare a design proposal for you, with possible corrections.

Legal issues regarding the license agreement are very important here. You can choose the type of license: exclusive or non-exclusive.

And now the most important point. Price. The valuation of the project depends on many factors, such as: the size of the pattern, the fields of its use, the number of color versions, the type of license, etc. Some patterns are less time-consuming and others more time-consuming, some are simpler and others more complicated, therefore their price will be higher.

If you need a quote for designing a pattern for printing on fabric or knitted fabric for your project or you are interested in a ready-made graphic pattern from my portfolio, send me an inquiry via the contact form.

You can also print a purchased graphic pattern for fabric, e.g. in a printing house


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