I am very pleased that you are here :-). Beloved, as you already know, I am an artistic soul. Creating a new reality, a new form of communication or a new work of art is for me a unique space in which I can express my visions and use my imagination without limits. I like to paint pictures on canvas on practically any subject, but most in the abstract, because it expresses my emotions and joy of life. I paint using many painting techniques and experiment on canvas with pleasure. I love creating something new, unpredictable and impossible to repeat. The works that are created are the result of the process of feeling and perceiving what is happening around me, both in my life and in nature. I am enchanted by the magic of nature and motivate me to transfer joy and the possibility of feeling beauty onto a canvas. I also draw inspiration for my works from the world around me, from music and poetry. I often hear the question whether I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts .... Well, no .... I did not study at the Academy of Fine Arts, I did not take painting courses. I am an ordinary self-taught person. The passion for painting, designing and creating was born in childhood. I am proud of my family ties, with the great Polish poet Jan Kasprowicz, playwright, literary critic, translator and representative of the poetry of the Young Poland period. My works are in private collections in Poland and abroad.

                                                                                   Kattie Daniel

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I attach a Certificate Authenticity to each painting.

Acrylic Painting & Graphics

Acrylic Painting & Graphics